Private Policy

Because the trust of every customer is the most important thing. Smell Lemongrass Co., Ltd. would like to say thank you to all customers who trust in our store and have always supported our products. Therefore, we would like to inform you that the privacy information that received from you through the processing of the computer that controls the work on our website. Which includes storage, use, sharing and other actions Related to your personal information.

Various personal information of you that provided on the website Will be stored safely and you are deemed to have accepted this agreement. You can check the information and changes as follows.

How do we choose to store and use data?

We choose to store information from you only necessary, such as name, address for delivery. Email and phone number

In addition, your website traffic information is automatically recorded, including:

o Programs which you use to find our website

o Time, date and information you search

o Our website pages that you visit

These things will be stored with international safety standards. Including being used appropriately Which is for the benefit of all customers : example, to provide additional product information or to provide a good after-sales service

Our company considered various information. Which you have given us to be regarded as the complete ownership of our company if the data is lost or damage in any case, we do not have any responsibility in any way

Will your information be confidential?

We will collect your information from the website. as safely as possible. Which will reveal only the information that is useful to the customer itself, such as disclosing the delivery information to the delivery person or otherwise be disclosed only when requested to be disclosed in accordance with the law

What do we collect your information for?

We collect the information to make your service convenient and for website development Including products and services to create greater customer satisfaction

Can the company change the policy of the website?

For your benefit please keep up with policy changes. Because we have the right to change or modify the policy to maintain information at all. Depending on the suitability during this period

Does the company own the intellectual property that appear on the website?

Text, content, images, sound, covering various components That appears on our website is considered legitimate by Smell Lemongrass Co.,Ltd.

If there is a copying, counterfeiting, duplication, modification, publicity to sell or do anything which is for commercial exploitation without permission. Our company can proceed with the law immediately.

How to contact us?

If you want a complaint or criticize the policy for maintaining such information. You can contact us at